Head And Neck Cancer

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Head And Neck Cancer

Head and neck cancer refers to a group of cancers that develop in the tissues and organs of the head and neck, including the mouth, throat, nose, sinuses, and salivary glands. These cancers can develop in different types of cells, including squamous cells, lymphatic tissue, and glandular tissue. Common symptoms of head and neck cancer include persistent sore throat, difficulty swallowing, ear pain, and changes in voice or hoarseness. Treatment options for head and neck cancer may include surgery, radiation therapy, chemotherapy, targeted therapy, and immunotherapy. Early detection and treatment can greatly improve the chances of a successful outcome, making regular check-ups and cancer screenings an important part of cancer prevention and early detection.

Head & Neck Cancer is one of the most common cancers ranked number 1 worldwide and number 6 in India.

Surgery: In head and neck surgery, the cancer is removed along with some of the healthy tissues around it. Radiation treatment may be given after the surgery.

Radiation: Different types of radiation therapy may be suggested for the patients, such as 3DCRT, IMRT or IGRT.

Targeted therapy: Unlike chemotherapy, the drugs used in targeted therapy selectively kill cancer cells. However, its application in the treatment of head and neck cancer is limited.

Rehabilitation: Rehabilitation programs are doctor-supervised programs for patients who underwent treatment for cancer. It helps them to get back to their daily activities quicker as well as improves their well-being.

Treatment for neck and head cancer with or without MicroVascular Reconstruction.

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